Volume 5 Issue 3

Atmospheric Pressure Bearing on (UHF) Radio Signal (Download)

Amajama, Joseph


Design and Analysis of Algorithm Based Error Detect-Corrections of Parallel FFT (Download)

Jessy.L, Nithya.K


Biogas Production by Co-Digestion of Cassava Peels with Urea (Download)

Nkodi T.M, Taba K.M, Kayembe S., Mulaji C. , Mihigo S.


Quality of Quality Definitions –An Analysis (Download)

Pradeep Kumar , Dr. N.V.S. Raju, Dr. M.V. Satish Kumar


Route Analysis of Transportation of Solid Waste using GIS:A Case Study of Bhopal City  (Download)

Rajeev Singh Parihar, Prashant Baredar, and Dr. Anil Sharma


A Feasibility Study of Solar and Wind Hybridization of a Telecommunication Off-Grid Radio Base Station Site (Download)

Kirima T.M., Kamau J.N., Kaberere K.K.


De-Noising of Image Using Adaptive Thresholding Technique (Download)

Kapil Kapoor, Dr. Abhay Sharma


Simulation Study of Optical Reflection and Transmission Properties of the Anti-Reflection Coatings on the Silicon Solar Cells (Download)

Nacire Mbengue, Moulaye Diagne, Fatou Dia, Saliou Ndiaye, Omar. A. Niasse, Awa Dieye,

Mamadou Niane, Bassirou Ba