Volume 5 Issue 9

Feature Extraction of the Carapace for marine Turtle Species Categorization [Download]

Luís Pina, Leelavathi Rajamanickam, S. C. Ng


Secure Authentication for Online Banking against Man-In-The-Browser Attack Using Least Significant Bit Embeddings [Download]

UMUHOZA Leoncie ,Dr.Cheruiyot W.K, Dr.Ann Kibe


Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithm for Predicting Distributed Denial of Service Attacks[Download]

Carine Umunyana, Dr. Kipruto W Cheruiyot , Dr. Michael Kimwele


Study and Simulation the Phenomenon of a Heat Pump in a Heating Installation [Download]

Didi Faouzi , N. Bibi-Triki


Improvement of Power Quality in Distribution System with Incorporation of Distributed Generation Using Ladder Load Flow Method [Download]

Ganiyu Adedayo Ajenikoko,  Adebayo Wasiu Eboda