Volume 6 Issue 8

Neighborhood Planning for Sustainable Transport [Download]

Dr. Rajshree Kamat, Tanu Parihar


Compensation of Harmonics in Residential Distribution System Using Virtual Impedance [Download]

R.Kavin, T.Kesavan, S.Anbumani


Cloud based system for Tele-Yoga Training (v-Class) [Download]

Dr Ramkumar PS, Arjun J S, Vikram T, Sandeep Patil H G


Fast Corrector Magnets for Fast Orbit Feedback System of Indus-2 Synchrotron [Download]

Das, K. Sreeramulu, Ashok Kumar, B. Srinivasan, R.S. Shinde


Structural Analysis and Prototyping of Truck Under-run Protection Device [Download]

Eppa Rakesh,  Dr. Dharmendra Singh, G. Lakshmi Srinivas


Analysis of Machinability on Al6061 using Single Point Cutting Tool [Download]

S Gajanana, B SureshKumar Reddy, A Krishnaiah


Hyperchaos to Secure Communications According to Synchronization by a High Gain Observer [Download]

S.N. Lagmiri, M. Amghar, N. Sbiti


Application of Composition Interval Diagram for Cost Minimization in Mass Exchanger Networks [Download]

A.O.Akeem , Ismaila I. Paiko, U. D. Sule, N.A. Jipo