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Volume 1 Issue 3 PDF Print E-mail

Design, Modeling and Simulation of Multiple Effect Evaporators

Dhara J. Shah, C.G.Bhagchandani

PDF | Open Access

Electricity Generation Using Thermopile System from the Flue Gases

Jaydeep. V. Joshi, N. M. Patel

PDF | Open Access

Modelling and Simulation of Pessure Swing Adsorption

B.B.Patel, C.G.Bhagchandani

PDF | Open Access

14 MeV Neutron Generator - Literature Review

Hardik D Patel, P.H.Darji, Rajnikant Makwana, Mitul Abhangi , Sudhirsinh Vala, C. V.S. Rao

PDF | Open Access

Rate Based Distillation

Williams Koshy, S.A.Amin, J.A.Shah

PDF | Open Access

Combination of Advanced Oxidation Processe And Biological Treatment Of Industrial Waste Water

Jayesh D. Rathod, R.N.Shukla, Dilip. M. Singh

PDF | Open Access

Various Synchronization Schemes for Chaotic Dynamical Systems (A Classical Survey)

Piyush Pratap Singh, Himesh Handa

PDF | Open Access

Conceptual Design of Tritium Extraction System

Miral Thakker, Amar Vaghela, Paresh Rana, C.V.S. Rao, T.K.Basu, Mitul Abhangi

PDF | Open Access

Synthesis Of High Emissivity Coating For Ceramic Substrate Towards Energy Conservation

Dipen V.Chauhan, S.N.Misra, R.N.Shukla

PDF | Open Access

COD Reduction by Adsorption in Dyes & Dyes Intermediate Industry

Odedara Shila M., S.A.Puranik

PDF | Open Access

A Comparative Study on Predictions of Vapour Liquid Equilibrium of Ethylene Oxide & Water Using Simulator

Rachana Devi, N. R. Vaghela, R.A.Soni

PDF | Open Access

Coded Nakagami/Lognormal Shadowing of Trellis Codes For Multicarrier CDMA

Anas Iqbal, Pushpraj Singh Tanwar, Devesh Pratap Singh

PDF | Open Access

Image Fusion by Meta Heuristic Genetic Algorithm Approach

Danish Syeed, Vibha Gupta

PDF | Open Access

Effect of Depth Ratio on The Thermal Performance of Double Flow Packed Bed Solar Air Heater

Satyender Singh, Prashant Dhiman

PDF | Open Access

Performance Analysis of Image Compression: A Discrete Wavelet Transform Based Approach

Yogita Sojitra, Abhishek Katariya, A.K. Vibhakar, Poorvi Patel

PDF | Open Access

Distribution Transformer With Circular Section of Amorphous-Core


PDF | Open Access

Applying “Analytical Hierarchy Process” to Evaluate The Performance Of Different Operating Systems

Neha Patidar, Arvind Upadhyay

PDF | Open Access

Phase Noise Analysis of Optical Ssb Signal in Radio Over Fiber System

Rahul Jain, Swati juneja, Vishal Jain, K.M.Singh

PDF | Open Access

Evolution of Android and its Impact on Mobile Application Development

Priya Chandnani, Rajesh Wadhvani

PDF | Open Access

The Effect of Surface Treatment on The Properties of Woven Banana Fabric Based Unsaturated Polyester Resin Composites

Hetal Shah, B.Srinivasulu, Subhas Shit

PDF | Open Access

Blue Eyes - Human - Operator Monitoring System

Gaurav N. Mehta, Jimish K. Desai, Devang G. Chavda

PDF | Open Access

Performance Analysis of Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Hradayesh Kumar Patel, Rajesh Shrivastava, Pradeep Kumar Dubey

PDF | Open Access

The Future Aspects of Power Generation Through High Temperature Fuel Cells (MCFC) Verses Other Fuel Cells

S. K. Dhakad, S. C. Soni, Pankaj Agrawal, Prashant Baredaer

PDF | Open Access

Modeling & Simulation of Water Gas Shift Reaction

Yogesh. J. Morabiya, Jalpa. A. Shah

PDF | Open Access

Radio over Fibre for Wireless Open Access

Heena Bhalla, Dinesh

PDF | Open Access

Nano And Micro Structural Characterization And Effect of Electrical Stress on Microhardness of Laser Dye Rh (6G) Doped PMMA

Pradeep Kumar Dubey, R. Bajpai, J. M. Keller

PDF | Open Access

5T Pulse Magnetizer System

Lorie Jain, Dhiraj Nitnawwre

PDF | Open Access

Genetic Optimization Tuning of an Automatic Voltage Regulator System

Sapna Bhati, Dhiraj Nitnawwre

PDF | Open Access

Analyzing the Role of Semantic Web in Social Networking Sites

Ravi Sharma

PDF | Open Access

Comparative Study of a Micro-strip Line with DGS and without DGS

Deepti Jain

PDF | Open Access

Noise Tolerance Enhancement with Leakage Current Reduction in Dynamic Logic Circiuts

Umesh Dutta, Pankaj Kumar, Naresh Kumar

PDF | Open Access

Analysis and Optimization of Reactant Column with Thermo – Structural Coupled FEA

Sandip A. Kamble, S.G. Jadhav, Vinaay Patil

PDF | Open Access

Design and Analysis of Two Roller Sugar mill using FEA Techniques

Chetan T Rathod, Walmiki S Rathod

PDF | Open Access

Analysis of Spatial Diversity in MIMO

Jitender Singh, Vineeta Khare

PDF | Open Access

Development of Pd-Doped SnO2 Thick Film Paste For Gas Sensor

Preeti Pandey, J. K. Srivastava, H. Purohit

PDF | Open Access

Transient Stability Analysis of the IEEE 9-Bus Electric Power System

Swaroop Kumar Nallagalva, Mukesh Kumar Kirar, Ganga Agnihotri

PDF | Open Access

A Survey of Design Technologies For Low Power VLSI System

Rupesh Maheshwari, Yogeshver Khandagre, Vipul Agrawal

PDF | Open Access

Energy Efficient Modeling of Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Different Modulation Schemes Using QualNet

Anshul Shrotriya, Dhiraj Nitnawwre

PDF | Open Access

Performance of IDMA system with Optimal Spreading Mechanism and Tree Based Interleaver

R.K. Singh, Shashi Dwivedi, Dolly Sharma

PDF | Open Access

New Generation Fast and Optimized Modulo (2n +1) Multiplier for IDEA

Pravin Kumar Tiwari, Md. Abdullah, Rajesh Nema

PDF | Open Access

Design of Low Voltage and Low Power D-Flip Flop

Naresh Kumar, Umesh Dutta, Dileep Kumar

PDF | Open Access

Estimation and Analysis of PIC on DSCDMA

Dushyant S. Sisodiya, Madhvi Jangalwa, Sapna Dubey

PDF | Open Access

A Machine Learning Approach for Detection of Fraud based on SVM

Gajendra Singh, Ravindra Gupta, Ashish Rastog, Mahiraj D. S. Chandel, Riyaz Ahmad

PDF | Open Access

Synchronization Problems in Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) Communication System and Master Slave Strategies

Abhishek Agwekar, Mohammed Ahmed, Ramanand Singh, Riyaz Ahmed

PDF | Open Access


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